What is This?

Initially started as simply a transportation option, William Lawsons Yucatan Excursions will provide visitors to our wonderful part of the world with a unique experience, focusing on those attractions that might not be readily available on a 'standard' tour. 

Among the offerings are personalized excursions to:
  • spectacular out of the way or lesser known cenotes;
  • sample food at pungent markets and/or cantinas;
  • quaint villages, exotic Gothic churches and small towns;
  • un-restored Mayan ruins in jungle settings.
As a Canadian who has lived in the Yucatan for over 25 years of my existence, I have come to know and appreciate the local culture and mindset to a degree that my Yucatecan friends are convinced that I am more Yucatecan than they are! 

I thought it would be a good idea to take my experience and passion for the Yucatan and cater to those people who are looking for something a little more in-depth and more intimate than the classic 'tourist' trip to the more established sites. At the same time, providing a unique service to those who want a glimpse inside the Yucatecan lifestyle, from someone who also has a complete understanding of where they are coming from as well.

William Lawsons Yucatan Excursions raison d'etre is to provide a combination of original travel experiences along with plenty of insight and answers to all those questions you might have on living in the Yucatan as a foreigner from someone who knows both cultures inside out.

Bienvenidos a Yucatan!