What is This Not?

The Lawsons Original Yucatan Excursions idea is all about a personalized driving experience built around what you and your family or group want to do.

Here is what we are not interested in providing:
  • It is not a scheduled tour service. You will not be lumped together with other people who may be going in the same direction you are. The vehicle, the cooler, the driver and the host - as well as the tour itself - is all yours for the time reserved. You stop whenever and wherever you want.
  • It is not a taxi. In a taxi, you may or may not have air conditioning. Your driver may speak some English or not. He may be willing to stop wherever you want, or not. He might be grumpy.
  • It is definitely not a bus. Buses, while cheap, mean sticking to their schedules and routes and offer very limited flexibility for your vacation time.
If your main criteria in finding transportation is getting from A to B as quickly and cheaply as possible, there are plenty of other options out there.

If your priority is to move as efficiently as possible, see as much as possible and enjoy insight and special touches along the way, then contact us to arrange a personalized excursion just for you.