Original Activity Tours

Arts and Crafts in Muna

How about making your own gourd art? Or perhaps a rain stick or dream catcher? Here is a great tour that will include time to create your own work of art while learning from master artisan Pedro Ayuso at the top of the hill in Muna, Yucatan.

Included is your transportation, lunch, drinks and of course a 2-3 hour class from which you will return with a greater appreciation of the Mayan culture as well as your very own art piece!

Ideal for: All ages. Some kids might find this boring but others will love it. You know your kids, so it's your call!

Minimum 2 persons for this tour and we generally leave in the morning, around 8 or 9 AM to take advantage of the cooler morning weather.

Traditional Mayan MucBilPollo Cooking Class

If you have been here for the day of the dead, you have tried this great tamal, traditionally baked in pits underground. On this little outing you will learn how to make your own tamal (which is what the mucbilpollo is) as well as eat it in a real Mayan home.

You will return with great memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the taste of a typical Yucatecan dish on your palate and the smell of wood smoke in your clothes!

Included is your transportation to Muna and back, your food and your drinks throughout the day.

Ideal for: folks who like to cook and eat. Some kids may be a little bored.

Minimum 4 persons and we can't do this tour last minute as we need to prepare ingredients and stoke the fire pit! Again, we leave around 9 AM or so to avoid the heat of the mid day sun.


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