Airport Transportation - Cancun to Merida and the Beaches

At certain times of the year, we get a lot of requests from people who have rented homes in the Progreso area or are taking advantage of cheap and frequent airfares into Cancun as opposed to Merida which has limited flights and where the prices of those flights are much more expensive.

There is a cheap way to get from Cancun to Merida - it is called a bus.

Some people don't like the hassle of busing and want a car and driver there waiting for them. A taxi is an option but who knows who you are travelling with and the rates can be all over the map.

Our service is not cheap, but not much more so than a taxi and it is certainly a lot more comfortable!

Please inquire if you and your family or group want an efficient, convenient and comfortable ride to Merida or the beaches.

NOTE TO PET OWNERS: We are happy to bring your beloved pets along as well, seeing as the bus will not allow canines in the bus and wants them stuck in a cage underneath in the cargo area.


  1. How long is the ride from Cancun to Merida? There would be 2 of us. Thanks

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    The ride from Cancun to Merida is 3.5-4 hours. There is a stop halfway for tacos, coffee (optional) or a leg stretch and bathroom break.

    Any price information can had writing

  3. My husband and I have booked a flight to Cancun for Jan/Feb 2014. We are staying in Chicxulub. Could you tell me if you travel there and if you do how much do you charge? We are coming from Canada
    Thanks Bonnie

  4. Hi Bonnie, of course. We do airport pickups in Cancun and can go to Chicxulub or pretty well anywhere you want. Price would be a little higher than what a cab would charge. Please send an email to Thanks!

  5. we are 4 wanting to go from the cancun airport to progreso,wondering how much
    my email

    1. Hey Buckshot! Leaving Surrey?? :) Send me an email at and I will whip up a quote for you!

  6. You are right.. Nice information about Airport Transportation. Some individuals loathe the trouble of busing and need a automotive and driver there expecting them. A taxi is associate choice however who knows who you're traveling with and also the rates will be everywhere the map.


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