Friday, December 13, 2013

Angel was Friendly, Flexible and Knowledgeable

"I have visited Chichen Itza, Tulum and Altun Ha. Uxmal was my favorite. Very relaxed feel to the place and gorgeous preservation work. We hired a private guide company (Lawsons Original Yucatan Excursions) and had a most wonderful time with them. From the person who handled my planning (Ralf) to our driver and guide (Angel), we were never disappointed. My husband has limited mobility and we also have a 13 year old child. We were never rushed and the boy was never bored. LOL Angel was friendly, flexible and knowledgeable. Our vehicle had a stocked cooler with sodas and water and Angel even stopped after our hot day to buy us some local handmade popsicles (very interesting flavors). When I go back, I will definitely hire them again!"

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  1. I would just second this same experience with Angel! He was great and although we had been sightseeing and traveling in the area for the previous several days, his guided tour was the frosting on the cake! We also went in early December and couldn't possibly have enjoyed it more! The two Hacienda's that he took us to ~ including the gourmet lunch Hacienda and the tortilla making Hacienda were both wonderful, Uxmal was exquisite ~ but the piece d'resistance was the last cenote that we went to ~ out in the boonies, underground, no one else there except the blind fish and the bats! The water (78 degrees) was crystal clear clean & blue, the stalagtites and stalagmites were bonus and Angel gave us privacy and my BF & I went skinny dipping! Fun Fun Fun!


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