Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Guest Comments!

Remember, these are all real - my mother does not write these!

The Rubios from Texas were down on a Carnival cruise and took a Lawson tour to mysterious and empty Mayapan and the magical cenote which they had to themselves thank you very much. Here's what they had to say (the part about the wish you will have to come and find out for yourself):


We are finally home and settled in. It would be cool if you wanted to quote me. We really had an awesome time on our excursion. I was looking through some of our pictures and wanted to also send you some because they turned out so great. 

We are just raving about the excursion by the way... my sister said that even if the rest of the cruise flopped, it wouldn't matter because we had such a great day, and the kids kept saying that they had to make a wish. :) Thanks for again everything!

Hope to hear from you again soon about the shots you took. And I hope the other boat people enjoy it as much as we did.