Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Historical Stone in Tecoh

One of the more interesting things (to me) that I find when visiting churches and monuments in the tucked-away villages and towns of the Yucatan are the old carved stones with inscriptions in them, often in old Spanish or even Latin.

It is always a challenge trying to figure out what they say, as the writers (or carvers) were not the most literary people in the world and the indiscriminate use of the C, S and Z as well as the habit of superimposing letters like the D and E to make a word (DE) sometimes difficult.

This stone, lying around at the base of the main church in the town of Tecoh, has such an inscription. Who knows where it was originally places, but it now sits there, exposed to the elements, testimony to the complete abandonment by "official" authorities charged with the preservation of such historical pieces.

From what I can make out, the inscription on the stone is "Solo Deo Honor Et Gloria" for which you can find some information here: