Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Guest Comments!

This month, Erica and family came in to Progreso on the Carnival cruise ship and we took them to the cenotes of Chunkanan! Here's what they had to say:

We had such a wonderful day with Saul at the cenotes! The boys are still talking about swimming in the caves :) Saul was also an amazing photographer.... he took several pictures of our family and they turned out wonderful!
Thank you so much! It was great to meet you and if we make it back to Progresso, you will be my first call :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tours out of Cancun! Happy Guest Comments!!

Bob from California, who, with 3 companions asked us to provide them with a personalized tour that would arrive early at Chichen Itza (before the crowds) has this to say about his trip:

Our trip was wonderful and well worth the price.  We left at 6:15 and were at Chichen Itza at 8:00, the only folks at the site.  We had an intimate tour of the site and it felt like they had shut out everyone else but us.  We could clearly hear our guide, could shot our pictures without waiting for others to get there photos or get badgered by the local vendors.  We had read that the problem with Chichen Itza was that  tourists were constantly harassed by the locals, and when we were there they so busy setting up for the herds that would follow, we never got a single vendor asking us to buy anything.  The personal nature of our experience was made clear the following day when we went on a bus tour out of Cancun.  We got picked at 7:00 am, taken to a bus depot and sorted, then driven to another Mayan site.  We did not even leave the bus depot until 9:00 and did not arrive until nearly 11:00.  

Following Chichen Itza, we went to a cenote and were once again able to enjoy it all to ourselves. It was beautiful and tranquil.  This is not the cenote that the hoards go to, and was once again a very intimate experience.  The Yucatan food was wonderful and we all ate way more than we should have.  The lime soup, the pork, hot sause, and the beer were all good.

We finished with a trip to the jungle site of Coba and got to climb the pyramid there.  It was a great comparison between the pristine site at Chichen Itza and the unexcavated site of Coba was stark.  A great day!  We all agreed that we would do it all again and it was a special experience.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Guest Comments!

The William Lawson tour was just what all our friends in Merida said it
would be. We were told again and again about how engaging and warm Ralf
is, and it was true. He also knows the peninsula like the back of his
hand. If you had an old college friend who had moved to Yucatan 20 years
before, the tour would be no different.
We made up our own tour: We really just wanted to see some of the beach
communities, and I wasn't ready to take a bus or cab. Ralf gave us a
casual drive up to the coast, with impromptu diversions to haciendas and
neighborhoods along the way.
When we got to Progreso, we veered right and drove all the way to San
Benito and Telchac, and he even had a caretaker show us around a new
resort development, a completely spontaneous move, and completely beyond
the call of duty. Then, back to Progreso, where we had lunch at Eladio's
beachfront bar, and he showed us how to get the most out of the menu,
ordering a round of beers and waiting for la botana and ordering a single
fried whole fish to share for fresh fish tacos.
He had also arranged with the gods to keep the skies sunny and clear, at
no extra charge. It was a good day, and one we'll never forget. We learned