Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yaxcopoil Hacienda

The more I visit the Yaxcopoil Hacienda on the road to the Puuc Route, the more things I find to like about it and photograph. Here are some photos of the interiors taken on a recent outing with Gordon and Doris who braved the heat to visit this hacienda and the Ochil and Uayalceh haciendas as well.


  1. Very nice! Yaxcopoil is one of my favorite places!

  2. I loved that flower on the table in the dining room, I found one and bought it. Readers may not know that each part of the flower comes off... the petals are ashtrays and the pistils are (sort of) toothpicks.

    Love Yaxcopoil!

  3. I know - it is always a HOLY COW moment when I show people.


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