Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Guest Comments!

"Saul was fantastic! We loved him. He took us to the best little restaurant where I had the best chicken soup. Better than any meal on the ship. We had a little confusion in the beginning re: time. Texas had barely gone into daylight savings time and Mexico hadn't yet, so there was some confusion there and we got off to a late start. 
But, Saul made up for it with his stellar tour guide abilities!  

Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was well worth the money."

- Lisa - 

Cruiseship Excursion to Uxmal

The Pyramid of the Magician/Dwarf - Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Guest Comments!

"We had the most wonderful guide, Saul (hope I got the spelling correct). He took us to the  Uxmal Ruins, a beautiful cenote, a wonderful old hacienda, a great restaurant and a local artist's shop.  Saul shared his knowledge of the area with us in such a way that we enjoyed everything so much.  Saul kept us moving when he needed to, yet we never felt rushed in any way.  He was so informative, but never just droned on and on with a rehearsed tour like some guides.  I'm still amazed at all the places we were able to visit while just in port off the Carnival Triumph.  This was over the top in every way.  I'm so glad we chose your company over all the others we investigated!  Thank you!"

- Gail - 

Cruiseship excursion to Uxmal and area

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yaxcopoil Hacienda

The more I visit the Yaxcopoil Hacienda on the road to the Puuc Route, the more things I find to like about it and photograph. Here are some photos of the interiors taken on a recent outing with Gordon and Doris who braved the heat to visit this hacienda and the Ochil and Uayalceh haciendas as well.