Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hacienda Exploration Day Trip (Part 1)

The so-called glory of the past comes alive in the over 1000 haciendas of the Yucatan, of which there are are several hundred still visitable today. Many of these are ruins, abandoned to the ravages of time as a result of "socialist" land reform back in the 1930's which took land from the wealthy land owners and redistributed it to the Mayans that were there originally and actually did the work, are visitable in comfortable day trips from the city of Merida.

Ranging from over-the-top beautiful luxury accommodations and hotels to bare minimum shells in the process of being restored, all the haciendas have something to tell us about Yucatan's history and whether you are an architecture buff, history fanatic or simply want to spend a day in the countryside, visiting haciendas is a great way to spend a day.

In this first set of photos of the haciendas visited in one recent outing, we see images from the hacienda San Antonio Tepich, also known as the "rabbit hacienda" because they have rabbit on the menu. The property is divided in two sections: the abandoned machine room and the main house or casa principal which has been restored and where the restaurant is located. At the time of this visit, there is construction work going on and it appears that bedrooms are being added for folks to spend the night.

The second set of photos is from an ambitious restoration undertaken on the property known as hacienda Kankirixché, which for the moment consists of a main building, several smaller buildings in the underbrush still to be restored and what will be ecological trails through the underbrush.

Flagstones to the Machine Room, Tepich

Modern Art aka Grafitti, Tepich

Machine room, Tepich

Square (unusual) chimney, Tepich

Original stones in the entryway, Kankirixche

The main building, Kankirixche

Hurricane damage, Kankirixche

A stone crushing machine from the turn of the century, Kankirxche

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