Sunday, January 1, 2012

Casa de Montejo - Downtown Merida

One of the newer attractions in Merida's downtown is the small museum inside what was once Francisco de Montejo's home, facing north on the main square and featuring an elaborately carved facade that some would call beautiful while others might object to the depiction of the Spanish conqueror standing on the heads of the conquered Mayans.

In any case, entry to the house is free, just register and leave any backpacks or drinks at the coat check.

The guards will humorlessly remind you that no photography is allowed; in general they are a stiff bunch.

Several rooms later, some furnished with period furniture and decorations and others set up as museums to Mexico's revolutionary past, you exit and can visit the gift shop where you can buy and/or take some photos.

The building is now owned by Mexican banking giant Banamex and so you could also do some banking there as well while you're visiting!

The photos below are of some of the items available in the gift shop, most of which are not made in the Yucatan.

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