Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whirlwind Trip to Unvisited Places

While most people tend to want to visit the familiar and the 'must-see' occasionally someone will ask for something different. 

This was the case just recently when some Canadians and I took a ride out to Motul to check out the market which was a very colorful Yucatecan market place complete with a cows head (skinless except for the snout area - kind of like a bovine goatee); colorful vegetable and fruit tables manned or should I say 'womanned' by smiling ladies who were not too shy to pose for a photo or three next to their exotic wares; and many other things from chinese plastic toys to underwear and bras and spices and and and. 

Being in Motul, it seemed logical to have huevos motuleƱos for late breakfast and let me tell you they were fantastic. Made to order by the lady in the corner stall on the second floor of the 'new' market, they were so good! See the photos to make your mouth water!

After Motul, we were off to Dzibilchaltun and wanted to make a stop in Conkal to see the church and the Museum of Sacred Art, but again, as happens so often on the so-called "Convent Route" this one was closed at noon. The visit to Conkal did however enable us to practice our English with local students who were getting out of school nearby and shouted "hello" and "good bye" along with "what's your name?". 

From Conkal, the back road to Dzibilchaltun, stopping for more photos at the Conkal cemetery.

At Dzibilchaltun, the excellent guide services of Jose Ancona (my personal favorite as his English is very good and he explains things in a very calm and understandable manner) made the visit a lot more informative than just popping in and strolling around the "rocks".

Then, with the heat and all that exploring, it was time to head off to Progreso for a beer. Or three. The ocean, churned up from the storm activity provoked by Rina in Cancun, was brown and full of seaweed. Not an ideal situation for swimming, but all that seaweed would work wonders in a garden!

After Progreso it was back to the hotel for a much needed siesta!

Photos are of the church in Motul. Very austere, with the obligatory little white boy altar boy figurine soliciting contributions from the brown masses at the entrance.