Monday, October 3, 2011

City Tour on a Tight Schedule

A group of 10 and Yours Truly left Progreso recently at around 11 AM for a quick look at Merida's Montejo and downtown Plaza Grande. The cathedral was in the middle of mass complete with music and parishioners and a surplus of beggars at the front door and soon after, from the state government building where we were admiring the murals the explosions started which were nothing more than the gremios doing their thing and my Progreso guests were able to get some good photos from the second floor, looking out onto the Plaza Grande.

After that, we stopped for sorbetes at Colon, a Merida institution since 1907; among the flavors sampled were coconut, guanabana and strawberry. Yum. Then it was off to lunch, which originally was to be Eladios but the time constraint made for an interesting alternative: Wayan'E, the popular taqueria in Itzimna. Everyone enjoyed their pork tacos of Poc Chuc and Castacan!

Then, COVI for liquor shopping and finally a well-known cookie bakery for carrot cake, before heading back to Progreso in time to take the shuttle back on to the pier and the cruise ship.

All inclusive, opportunity for shopping, lots of food and little bit of culture!