Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Comments!

I received the following email from a great group of young people who wanted to see the Chunkanan cenotes while visiting Progreso:

I was aware some people would call us na├»ve and careless, traveling to Mexico in these hard times. I had found William Lawson through NY Mag, a trusted site, I also researched the news for violence outbreaks in the Yucatan – virtually none.  Still, I had my doubts.  However, the desire for adventure somehow silenced my reasons for safety. I knew I didn’t want an ordinary tour on a bus -  waiting for others, not being able to hear information, and experiencing culture from a distance. My group consisted of  five 21-22 y/o college grads from Texas, we’re impatient and anticipated total immersion. Lawson’s tour was the way to go.

Right after meeting our tour Mr. Lawson, we knew we made the right choice in taking the risk.  Friendly is not enough to describe the kind of person he is. Our cruise ship was running thirty minutes late, and yet Mr. Lawson waited. He then took us to his vehicle onwards to our journey.  The hour and a half ride was incredibly easy going as we joked and laughed. We learned so much about Progreso’s economy and lifestyle, including how to pronouce many Mayan words. A variety of native snacks and refreshments were stocked in the cooler for us as well!

Finally, we arrived at our destination – the Cuzama Cenotes. Having a bilingual guide helped tremendously in learning where to go and what to do. We took a little trail ride through the grasslands and stopped at the first cenote. It was beautiful. The second just as beautiful. Words can’t even describe how amazing these things are, people will just have to see for themselves. We all unanimously agreed, this was the most spectacular thing we’ve seen in our lives!!! No exaggeration!

Afterwards we headed for the Acanceh ruins. We stopped to take pictures, but pressed for time, we soon left but not before Mr. Lawson took us to a tortilla shop to show us how they were made. He even bought the group some fresh ones! Delicious! Finally, our day came to an end as we arrived at the bus stop with about 30 mins to shop before getting back on the boat. It was perfect timing and we thank Mr. Lawson so much for keeping track of our schedules.

It’s safe to say that everything stated above was more than we could’ve expected. Yet, once we came home, photos and videos of our wonderful time greeted us by email! It included pictures we could not have possibly taken – like our ship pulling into port. That was an incredibly sweet gesture.  Mr. Lawson, we thank you so so much for being our tour guide and trusted friend. Our time in Mexico will not be forgotten because of you! We highly recommend William Lawson’s Tours! It’s extremely safe, very educational, and of course exceptionally memorable!