Saturday, December 3, 2011

Chunkanan Cenotes Road Update

As I took a little trip n dip to the Chunkanan Cenotes today, I can inform you all that the road is coming along swimmingly. A large portion thereof has been done, and many others are smooth gravel awaiting an asphalt coating. There are some parts that are still bumpy and a few detours, and where the sections join up can be a little jarring at times, but in general things are getting done (albeit in a sort of unconnected way) and the road will be very nice as far as Cuzama.

Remember that the Cuzama entrance to the cenote route has a frantic man with a red flag on the highway that will attempt to stop you; ignore him and carry on to the dirt-poor village of Chunkanan, where the cenote excursions originally began. This way you will be supporting the folks who live there and live off this tourist attraction they created.

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