Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Great "Boat People" Tour

A not-too-early start from Progreso with a great group of Lousianians - 13 of them - who visited Merida, ate to their hearts content AND got a history lesson at Dzibilchaltun!

From Progreso, a quick ride into downtown Merida, where we stopped in front of the Casa de Montejo who of course founded the city of Merida back in the day. 

Facade, Casa de Montejo aka Montejo's Residence
Strolling across the Plaza Grande, stopping only for photos we arrived at the Sorbeteria Colon (founded in 1905) where I instructed everyone to order a local flavor and to abstain from strawberry, which they all did. The coconut ice cream was a hit! 

Sherbets at Sorbeteria Colon, downtown Merida
Afterwards, some of the ladies could not resist buying some great leather sandals and other little goodies around the corner which cut into the government palace mural viewing time, but we were able to get into the cathedral which, as Catholics, they found fantastic. 

Then, the transportation arrived and we were off to a popular local taqueria for some real pork tacos after which we all piled back into the van and zipped off to the family cookie shop and there was carrot cake for all. 

Tacos were a hit!

As was the Carrot Cake!
Eating that in the van, we drove quickly to Dzibilchaltun where the other boat people were leaving, which meant a nice peaceful visit and an excellent mini-tour by the best guide on site, Jose Ancona. The cenote was also blessedly free of other people and so our group was able to swim in peace and quiet, enjoying the magical location.

We were back in Progreso around 2 PM which left the die hard shoppers another 30 minutes to shop before they had to be back on the last free shuttle to the ship!

Definitely a whirlwind trip, but everyone seemed to be having a grand time. 

Duration: 6 hours, depends on how much shopping time you need :)
Included: Everything mentioned, from sherbet to tacos to carrot cake to entry at Dzibilchaltun to the services of the guide, plus on board water and Cokes and towels, was included in the tour price, which varies according to how many people are in your party. 

Let us prepare a personalized tour just for you!

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  1. Happy Guest Comments:

    Thank you for a wonderful day and it was nice getting to know you. I will post on the websites what a wonderful tour we had with you and recommend you to others in my office so that they have a contact when visiting your area. The goodies we bought were wonderful and we enjoyed the carrot cake with coffee once we got back on the ship. Thank you for helping with my pronunciation – your right a C Note is a hundred dollar bill – much different from a “senotay”… lol… anyways thank you for being such a good host and God Bless!


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