Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Cenote Option for Adventurous Travellers

With nothing better to do on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I decided to take myself on an exploratory tour of some cenotes I had heard about near Mayapan.

As I drove the the highway past Tepich, Acanceh and Tecoh, the sky turned menacingly black and soon, a torrential downpour made visibility a real challenge. Slowing down of course helped and with the conviction that it would stop when I reached my destination, I bulldozed ahead with the wipers at double speed. Sure enough, the rain let up and finally stopped altogether and I reached the town of Pixyah without a worry.

Upon entering the town, I noticed that religious slogans were painted on nearly every building, house and wall and I thought "oh, THIS is that town I heard about". No drinking or carousing here, the town has built a little reputation on its insistence on abstinence when it comes to alcohol which is great, since this is the cause of so much destruction in rural communities in the Yucatan.

At the Casa Ejidal, two laconic individuals managed to arise from their stupor (it was a lazy afternoon) and indicated that the guy I wanted to talk to was Monchi, who lived across the street; he would show me the cenotes.

And he did. Got into the car and away we went, into the jungle along an overgrown, rocky road that seemed really long going in and really short on the way out. It was not a problem for the Impala but a higher, four wheel drive vehicle would be best for this route.

The cenotes are spectacular (but I am biased, I love them all) and there were some local divers at the larger one whose name was NohMozon which means 'evil wind' or something to that effect.

The smaller, closer to town one is called NahYah which means Casa del Zapote but there are no longer any Zapote trees to be seen. It is very deep and at this time of the afternoon under a cloudy sky, very dark and forboding down at water level. Here, Monchi told me a little anecdote about a local drunk (perhaps this was before abstinence made the drinking more difficult) who fell into the cenote and promptly pulled himself up on some rocks and passed out. I have the audio of this anecdote but Blogger doesn't allow me to upload sound files, apparently. Here it is on SoundCloud:


(above) The NahYah cenote

This trip would make a great day trip, but not so much for people coming in on a cruise ship as the drive is a little long and the off-road portion is slow going.

Enjoy the photos!

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