Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Guest Comments from LB!

 Note, the folks on this occasion were a little tight on the return time as the driver took a wrong turn!! Note to the nervous: should this ever happen and you miss the boat, we WILL get you to Cozumel!! :) - WL
Hi!  Yes, we had a great time!
I little harrowing, too....I think the driver stopped uncountable times to ask for directions from people on the street.  Unfortunately, it took away from our time at the cenotes (we only were able to spend 20 mins at the 2nd one).  Too, we didn't get to see the ruins at Acanceh (or get out of the van), or the Haciendas (except driving by) or stop at the restaurant because of the long one hour wrong turn he took out of Acanceh.  Sigh.
The good news is, we saw some things I think no one else on the ship has probably seen, or if they haven't actually lived in Mexico, will ever see.  We all loved that.  We ate authentic food at a road side stand, took a potty break on the side of the same stand among flowers and turkey eggs (not sure that's a 100% 'plus' Ha Ha), drove through and over country that I'm sure is seldom seen by tourists and enjoyed Lucy's company more than anything.
We definitely had an Adventure!!!  I think if you ask anyone on the trip they would say they loved the adventure but didn't so much like that being lost a lot of the time since it took away from the cenotes and other things we were to see.  Maybe if the driver had GPS next time, it would be better! 
We made it back to the ship by the skin of our teeth but everyone had smiles!  Personally speaking, Bobby & I loved the Yucatan with the variety of plants, the flowers, the birds, just being outside with the people.  I loved seeing the REAL Yucatan and I appreciated Lucy so much showing it to us as it is, and not someones elses image of what they think the Yucatan is to tourists.  What a beautiful part of the world and what a dear person Lucy is!