Monday, July 11, 2011

Eco Museo del Cacao (Plantacion Tikul) (Part Deux)

The tour is comprised of a series of palapas, each of which highlight Mayan history and the story of cacao in the region. The manner in which the information is presented is clear, in both Spanish and English (French and German to come soon in a brochure format) and every single detail has been carefully placed, from the signage to the lighting to the sounds coming through the speakers.

As you can see from the photos, dear reader, this is not some chintzy half baked display - it's the real thing and has all been done privately, with no intervention from the authorities.

The highlight of the tour of course, is when you visit the last palapa where you will see chocolate beans (seeds) ground with a stone grinder and have real chocolate made for you right there, using traditional Mayan methods, which you will then sample. You may add several ingredients so the chocolate is to your liking, such as pepper, chile, sugar, achiote (used by the Mayans to make the drink red in order that is resembled blood). It is an interesting taste sensation!

After this portion of the tour you are left at the cafeteria which offers cold drinks and several chocolate varieties for purchase as well as a selection of locally-produced spices and condiments at very reasonable prices.

Visit their website here.


  1. Thank you for the preview. I'm hoping to visit the museum next winter during our visit.

  2. Thanks for this. Great photos. Somehow I missed your post on the museum honoring my favorite food group, until now.


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