Friday, July 8, 2011

Eco Museo del Cacao (Plantacion Tikul)

The EcoMuseo del Cacao, Plantacion Tikul (Cacao Museum) in the Puuc region of the Yucatan is, in my humble and not at all opinionated opinion, a must for residents of - and visitors to - the area.

To get here, take the highway to Uxmal, stop in for an espresso and continue past Santa Elena where you wave at Valerie and her Pickled Onion restaurant (news flash - fresh hand made tortillas available now) and pass Labna slowing down for tourists there criss-crossing the street and finally coming to bone-jarring tope which will shake the mashed butterflies from your grill as evidenced by the small pile already accumulating as you add your donation. Note: this butterfly thing is only applicable during the rainy season, when hundreds if not thousands of butterflies in bright yellow, orange and white flutter like snowflakes over the highways and byways here after a rainfall. Many will sacrifice themselves on the altar of your windshield and countless more on the chrome grill between your headlights (on your car). I have found that slowing down a little gives them time to swoop away as you go forward.

After that speed bump or tope, you will see straight ahead the mysterious path on to Campeche, marked by a police station. But you will turn left and continue past two of the Puuc-y sites until you see the signs for the EcoMuseo del Cacao, on your right.

Park the car and admire the entrance and the parking lot. Lots of trees have been left and the entrance itself is worthy of a photo so here it is.

Once you reach the lobby, you know you are in a first class operation, just from the lighting, the signage, the design and the smiling hipil-clad hostesses waiting to greet you. The cash register, where you will pay 80 pesos per person, is adorned with a giant vase with beautiful aves de paraiso flowers from the property. A gift shop right there features chocolate-making-related gifts.

Once the entrance fee is paid, a young man in traditional white leads you onwards to the tour.

To be continued in the next post.

Update: Visit their website 

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