Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chunkanaan Cenotes Fun (Again)

The misnamed Cuzama cenotes are a popular destination for day trips from Merida. Here are some more photos from this great (and refreshing) option!


  1. W, this one was my favorit, no.3 cenote, when I looked down wooden straight ladder, oh my god!!!, but I did it & I dived in, swim like a mermaid. It is like cristal clear even 35 meters deep, it does not feel like it & water temperature was perfect. Tx for your info bc I will never know this place without your blogs. Tx y very much. Yes, I will hire y if newcomers come here check this kind of touring bc even my husband had to stop by so many time to ask local people bc map & sign is not good enough. What a beauty!!!

  2. I agree, this is my favorite cenote too! So glad you enjoyed this!


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