Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celestun - A PhotoNuts Photos

The other day, I took a fellow Canadian out to the mangroves of Celestun where I deposited him into a poled canoe to explore the fauna and flora of the area. The ecotouristic project is called Dzinitun and is run by a coop of fishermen who are trying to come up with a sustainable alternative to their traditional (and in the process of dying) source of income; fishing.

Mr. PhotoNut, as we shall call him calls himself an 'amateur photographer' or enthusiast, but the photos below (plus the fact that he carried on his person several thousand dollars worth of equipment) lead me to think that this goes beyond enthusiasm and falls into the hard-core aficionado category. The photos are magnificent, and I thank Mr. PhotoNut for his kind permission to use these shots to drum up interest both in the Yucatan and its wide variety of bird life, as well as the coop of Dzinitun.



  1. Wow, those are beautiful photos.

  2. At the risk of repeating yourselves, yes the photos are incredible. I will put a link from our YT Celestun article to this posting so more folks can see the pictures.


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