Friday, March 18, 2011

Puuc Adventures - An Armadillo in the Wild!

People often ask me: don't you get tired of taking people to the same places over and over again? My answer is always a resounding "no!" because there is always something new to be seen.

Just the other day, while on a full 10 hour day of exploring all the Puuc sites (more photos to follow) with an amateur semi pro photographer who we shall call The Software Guy, at the tiny (no entrance fee charged that's how tiny it is) site of Xlapak, I saw my first ever live armadillo in the wild. I had seen them hanging helplessly in bondage upside down from a womans hand on the side of the road as she tried to sell it to drivers as they passed through the town of Holca, but this was the first time I have ever seen one doing its thing in its natural habitat.

Looking at their heads and "armour" one can see where Luc Besson got his inspiration for some of the creature characters in the Fifth Element. (link)



  1. That is SO cool! I've only ever seen them on TV or in movies, or dead along a long stretch of Texas highway!

  2. Looks like Naturalist Jim has some blogging competition. Thanks for sharing, Bill.

  3. I saw one a long time ago at an obscure ruin. Then, another time I bought a bound up one from a kid at the side of the road. Has to be the most fascinating creature I've ever seen.


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