Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Guest Comments on their Cell Phone Rental Experience

This just in from some fine folks who needed a USA telephone number while visiting Merida to check out (and ultimately invest in) some real estate. I was happy to help out and got them their phone and US telephone number for the duration of their trip. Here's what they wrote:

I highly recommend renting a cell phone for your trip to the Merida area from William Lawson. We rented from him during our 10 day stay in February and could not have been more pleased. We reserved the phone with them prior to the trip and he met us at our hotel when we arrived to deliver the phone and answer any questions we had about usage. He came to us to when we were ready to return it. The price was great (calls were 25 cents a minute), it had a US phone number making it easy for our family in the US to contact us, and the customer service was outstanding. A great experience for a great trip!

So, if you need a phone for an upcoming trip for business or pleasure, let me know and we'll set you up with one for as long as you need.The advantages are:
  • a) easy to dial from USA or Canada as it is a US number
  • b) free to call from the USA and parts of Canada as it is a US number
  • c) cheaper than pay as you go plans on local phones (25 cents vs 60 cents or more per minute for long distance calls to the US)
  • d) complete flexibility in that you can rent it for 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months (5 is a random number, it doesn't have to be 5!!)

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