Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Rainy Day in Merida

All the way from sunny Fort Worth Texas, the happy family from the cruise ship decided to skip Uxmal and head instead into the city of Merida to have a look-see. The rain you see, was coming down in dribs and drabs and the thought of spending any quality time among the ruins under a precipitous cloudy sky was less than appealing to everyone, me included.

So we toured the main square, the state government palace, the cathedral, Montejo´s humble abode which is now a bank, a fact that made it more appealing to one member of the group (and no, he is not a bank robber); toured the sad little Picheta shopping center and then stopped for the quintessential Merida treat on a hot, humid day - a sherbet at Sorbeteria Colon.

After spending a little more time in the centro, it was off to lunch at La Tradicion where everyone enjoyed great Yucatecan food including Poc Chuc, Queso Relleno, Longaniza and of course, Cochinita Pibil. Habanero chiles were also eaten and hopefully my intrepid Texans did not suffer too much later on!

Back in Progreso at 1:30 PM, just in time to for them to watch the terrible Germany-Spain semi final World Cup soccer match on the boat.

Thank you and I hope the rest of your cruise was relaxing and devoid of too much adventure!