Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beaches - Day Trip

The Georgia folks wanted to get a firsthand look at the Yucatans beaches and so I picked them up at 8:30 at their downtown Casa Mexilio location and we headed out towards Progreso, making a quick pit stop at the laundry service around the corner.
Past the colonial monster mansions on Paseo de Montejo and out into the northern part of Merida, that 'other' Merida whose existence so many would seem to deny; the land of Sam's Club, Friday's Office Depot and Max and Bostons Pizza. This is of course, also the 'real' Merida. The citizens of this city would go stir crazy if all we did were wear hipiles and ate panuchos all day.
Taking advantage of the cool morning temperatures, we stopped at Dzibilchaltun and the Georgia folks hired a guide who showed them all the interesting things that there are to see at that Mayan site. I noticed that the museum remains closed until further notice; thankfully someone noticed that it was falling apart and has taken the project on.
After about an hour or so at Dzibilchaltun, we finally continued on to the beach. Arriving first at Progreso, we took the detour around to Chicxulub and headed along the beach, looking at beach houses and commenting on the 'temporada' culture of the Yucatecans. Realizing that the beach area was not the place for boutiques and quirky little restaurants that they had imagined it was decided that swimming was in order and so I stopped at the Yucatan Villas, where they friendly folks let us use their beach front palapas, showers, change rooms and bathrooms. All that in exchange for a beer and some coconuts from their bar! More than fair!
Afterwards, back to Progreso, where lunch was had at Le Saint Bonnet. At that point the Casual Restaurant Critic showed up and joined us for lunch and of course wrote all about it, as usual.
Once lunch was over and done with, we headed back to Merida.
This was a full day trip!