Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Cenote Fun at Chunkanan

A young boy from nearby Cuzama, also visiting Aktun Ha cenote

I had the opportunity to take Kristin and friends to the now-famous Chunkanan cenote tour, where you have 3 cenotes in a row to visit and swim in. Of course, it's Semana Santa time in Mexico and Mexicans are traveling, meaning that there was a one and a half hour wait to get a truck to take us on the tour.

Meanwhile, the 3 brave ladies took advantage of the wait time and visited nearby and scary Aktun Ha cenote, where you descend (after paying your $) on a precarious ladder made of welded-together Decauville railway tracks, about 30 feet into a beautiful cavern filled with stalagmites and stalagtites and blue water. This is NOT for the easily-frightened or those afraid of heights (or anyone with Canadian or American sensibilities about what is safe and what is not)

Pictures coming soon from this excursion!