Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Top of the World in Tecoh

A recent drive to the lovely village of Tecoh and a visit to it's restored church resulted in our little group getting access to the roof of the church for a spectacular view of the town and a unique perspective on the church itself.

Photo 1: the carved stone spiral staircase upwards; this apparently was carved inside a Mayan ruin that is in the church (!) or part of the walls

Photo 2: The view of the altar from the loft where the choir hangs out. I know there is a name for this place but I am so lapsed as a former catholic, I can not remember what it is

Photo 3: A hole in the clouds magically opens up to show blue sky, perfectly aligned with the church spires. It's a pre-equinox phenomenon!! (kidding)

Photo 4: View towards the back end of the church (altar is below far end) showing the absolute and uninterrupted flatness of the Yucatan in the background.