Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Happy Guest!

Thanks for your kind comments and the pictures of my departure for the "ultimate wilderness"! I'm so glad you urged me take that boat ride ... previously, I had visions of something very different from a solo trip with a boatman who really knew his birds. It was nice, too, to have your note waiting for us when we dragged ourselves through the door of our home. It was a long flight and we were tired.

By the way, I've disremembered the name of the young fellow who took me out. Was it Francisco? If so, no need to reply. I always write up my trips, as I told you, identifying others involved by first names only. Now I have to get busy making record of the memories.

You did a grand job for us in every way, contributing to one of our best-ever adventures. Iona at HSBN is now fully aware of your services, and I'm about to write to Juanita at "Yucatan Today" with our satisfaction at her recommendation of "driver" William Lawson.