Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cenote Yokdzonot

On the road back from Chichen Itza to Merida, taking the scenic route aka old (non-toll) highway, there are plenty of photo ops and stopping opportunities. Roadside food options abound. One cenote that I hadn´t visited before but that impressed me with the amount of TLC that went into this project (run by 13 women and 4 men) is Yokdzonot.

The photos are not that great but will give you an idea. Notice the stairs, cut strategically to enable a steeper incline, as well as a row of chairs located on the platform from which you can swim. For the adventurous, rappeling into the water is also available for an additional $50 pesos per person. Entry to the mini-park, complete with picnic tables and a restaurant, is $30 pesos. You can also camp there for $200 pesos a night on specially built platforms (tent included). If you have your own tent, the rate drops to $100 pesos.

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  1. The water looked nice, actually, a little cloudy what with all the rain lately. The folks I was with didn't want to swim, so I didn't either. But, it was very warm (the water).


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