Monday, September 13, 2010

Continental Late Night Pickup and Beach House 'Trip'

I had the pleasure of meeting folks from Georgia and Delaware on the same night, they arrived on Continentals flight from Houston and were heading to the beach, one party to Chicxulub itself and the other to Uaymitun area.

After their frosty welcome cerveza, enjoyed right there at the airport courtesy of the now infamous LawsonCooler, we were on our way; the Georgians with my BetterHalf and the Delawarians with Yours Truly.

Not much you can see at that time of the night but the Delawarians enjoyed shopping at Oxxo for their breakfast items, while the Georgians attempted to make a beer run which was frustrated by the local liquor laws which prohibit sales of alcohol after 10 PM or so. Luckily the LawsonCooler still had some beer in it and so they were able to have a couple more before turning in for the night.

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