Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cenote Yokdzonot

On the road back from Chichen Itza to Merida, taking the scenic route aka old (non-toll) highway, there are plenty of photo ops and stopping opportunities. Roadside food options abound. One cenote that I hadn´t visited before but that impressed me with the amount of TLC that went into this project (run by 13 women and 4 men) is Yokdzonot.

The photos are not that great but will give you an idea. Notice the stairs, cut strategically to enable a steeper incline, as well as a row of chairs located on the platform from which you can swim. For the adventurous, rappeling into the water is also available for an additional $50 pesos per person. Entry to the mini-park, complete with picnic tables and a restaurant, is $30 pesos. You can also camp there for $200 pesos a night on specially built platforms (tent included). If you have your own tent, the rate drops to $100 pesos.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cenote San Ignacio, Chochola, Yucatan

Seeing as I have some folks interested in visiting the San Ignacio cenote in Chochola, and seeing as I was returning from a quick foray into Campeche, I decided to stop and check out this cenote attraction.

Above ground, some palapas and a (closed) restaurant; down a set of concrete steps into the underground world of the cenote itself, a smallish place that could become crowded pretty quick if 10 people or more were in there.

Entrance fee is $35 pesos. Somehow the place didn't quite feel all that together, although it seems that they are trying. Gift shop at the entrance and a cramped parking for about 4 or 5 cars.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Continental Late Night Pickup and Beach House 'Trip'

I had the pleasure of meeting folks from Georgia and Delaware on the same night, they arrived on Continentals flight from Houston and were heading to the beach, one party to Chicxulub itself and the other to Uaymitun area.

After their frosty welcome cerveza, enjoyed right there at the airport courtesy of the now infamous LawsonCooler, we were on our way; the Georgians with my BetterHalf and the Delawarians with Yours Truly.

Not much you can see at that time of the night but the Delawarians enjoyed shopping at Oxxo for their breakfast items, while the Georgians attempted to make a beer run which was frustrated by the local liquor laws which prohibit sales of alcohol after 10 PM or so. Luckily the LawsonCooler still had some beer in it and so they were able to have a couple more before turning in for the night.

Another Happy Guest Comment - on Facebook

I found this comment on the William Lawson Facebook page. Thank you Tami!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Guest Comments!

 Enjoying a "Mestiza" cookie from the family cookie shop


Just wanted to let you know that we had the most delightful time with Maru as she drove us around the lovely Yucatan!

Uxmal was great, the food at the hacienda was interesting and really good! She even showed us a cenote there. 

We stopped on the top of a hill at a small shop where men were hollowing out coconut-looking gourds (we bought one and it is awesome – but I cannot remember the name!). We felt totally spoiled by our stop at Kukis J Wow! She gave us nearly one of everything which we took back to the ship to enjoy. Yum! Is all we can say… other cruisers were watching our little cookie gift bags,,, like there were not enough offerings at the buffets! She has a real treasure in the carrot cake. That had to be the best I’ve ever had,,, gotta love that cream cheese frosting!

Maru was the most delightful hostess and we both agreed we had a better time with her than we did in Cozumel!
Thanks to you and Maru for a wonderful trip! I can send and share some pictures with you if you like!

Melissa and Don