Monday, June 7, 2010

What to do with only four hours in Merida in the middle of a heat wave!

What to do when you arrive in Progreso on a cruse ship and only have 4 hours to have a peek at the area?

Today I had some fine folks from - you guessed it - Georgia and we did the lightning, in car tour of Merida.

After a very brief stop at Dzibilchaltun, these Georgians had the good taste to hire me and we sauntered past the panting tourists waiting on their bus to head into town for a brief look-see. Stopping only to pick up some cloth samples for a quilting project, we saw the Paseo de Montejo, the Plaza Grande and all the fun and exciting things on the way, in between heavy noon traffic and traffic lights. The heat was such that no one wanted to leave the LawsonMobile and we just chatted and had a good visit.

Before heading out to Progreso, we made a quick stop at the Gran Plaza mall to sample some of Meridas best cookies, biscotti and carrot cake, which I hope they were able to take on the ship!

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