Friday, June 11, 2010

Puuc Zone Part I

My intrepid guest from the Big Apple was ready to roll at 7AM and we leave the Luz en Yucatan hotel and Merida, under a partially cloudy sky that threatened to unleash the suns wrath within another hour or two, in the direction of all things Puuc.

First, a short photo op stop at Yaxcopoil where the hacienda gates were still silently locked but the morning light was magnificent, bringing out the warm, earthy tones of the crumbling arches and buildings.

Returning to the LawsonMobile, a young-ish man runs up, shouting 'hello' in English. I ask him what's up.

In Spanish now, he asks if I can help him find a job in the US and that he is from Merida. I've left my portable immigration docket and questionnaire at home so I smile and say no.

"How about some money?" is his next anxious question. I shake my head, no.

He glances at the cigarette in my hand. "Y un toque de tu cigarro?" Now he wants a drag of my cigarette.  I'm already back at my car. Um, no, sorry, I don't think so.

It's back onto the highway.

"How about a quick look at a cenote" I ask. Alas, after a bumpy drive on a bad road, the recently discovered (by me) cenote at Peba is still closed this morning; we're two for two now. So we are off to the Puuc!

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