Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sotuta de Peon

the Mayan house amid henequen fields, home to that Oscar winning actor, Don Antonio

The Sotuta de Peon hacienda, which I have visited twice in the last week, has 
  • raised it's entry fee to $300 pesos per person;
  • started charging 1 dollar or 10 pesos for use of a towel at the cenote;
  • trained a new guide, whose name is Raúl and is doing a fantastic job;
  • almost finished their eco-hotel which will open in July;
And is still the best place to visit for a good, non-cheesy overview of Yucatan's history. Highly recommended.


  1. $300 pesos? Good grief.

    That's more than Tikal.
    That's more than Mexico (the tourist card).
    That's more than almost anything.

    It had better be fantastic.

  2. Whatever. It's only 25 bucks. I think it's worth it.


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