Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dzibilchaltun, then off to the CAME bus terminal...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Michael and Fran to Dzibilchaltun; Michael, an avid bird fan, was happy to have spotted the orange and black Yuya (an oriole it turns out, the Yucatecan woodpecker which his book indicates is not the one we saw, and of course the Kau aka grackle among others. He and Fran enjoyed the Mayan site and found it much more extensive and well preserved or restored than they had imagined it.

I did notice that the level of water in the cenote Xlakah was a lot lower than on previous visits I had made and the museum was in quite a state of disrepair, which I will write about on the regular NotTheNews blog. Seems a shame to have it so run-down at any time of the year, but now, with cruise ships and tourists from North America visiting the Yucatan, even more so.

Also, I am very proud of the photo (above) I took with my not-so-great iPhone camera.

After dropping Michael and Fran and their lodgings at the San Pedro Noh Pat Hacienda, near Kanasin, I headed downtown to the CAME bus terminal where some folks from North Carolina and Ontario/Florida were anxiously waiting to see if I had received their email from Cancun saying they would arrive at 6:00 PM. I did and surprised them there by standing next to them and striking up a conversation about how I suspected they were there waiting for someone to take them to the beach. They were more than a little suspicious until they figured out I was their ride and off we went to the end of the road, Chuburn√° beach, where they were staying with family at a snowbird rental.

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