Friday, January 29, 2010

Niceville folks make nice comments...

Just wanted to drop you a line, to let you know we made it home, safe and sound. "Thank you for everything, William! You're the best!" 
We've been going through the pictures, and... I am most certain there are a few Cindi will be sending you.  We have MUCH, BIG, GOOD, Stories to tell of your very fine service. 
Hopefully we can send you some more business :)  It was fun, "AYE?"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cruise Ship - Uxmal - Cruise Ship

Believe it or not, I had the pleasure of driving some folks from Niceville, Florida today. Niceville. And they were great ambassadors.

At 7:30 AM, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, we hightailed it to the Mayan ruins of Uxmal to get there before the cruise ship passengers and others made it.

Absolutely enjoyed walking around the ruins, especially the off-to-the-side area where the penis sculptures are hidden away from the rest of the politically correct Mayan site.

My guests had a great time climbing a pyramid, taking photos of the Mayan city, and drinking icy-cold Coronas on the way back to Merida. A brief stop at Walmart and then Covi where we located bottles of the elusive mescal they were looking for; then it was back to the bustle of a cruise-ship day at Progreso beach, where I left them, looking for a decent margarita.

More photos of this trip on FaceBook!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Happy Guest!

Thanks for your kind comments and the pictures of my departure for the "ultimate wilderness"! I'm so glad you urged me take that boat ride ... previously, I had visions of something very different from a solo trip with a boatman who really knew his birds. It was nice, too, to have your note waiting for us when we dragged ourselves through the door of our home. It was a long flight and we were tired.

By the way, I've disremembered the name of the young fellow who took me out. Was it Francisco? If so, no need to reply. I always write up my trips, as I told you, identifying others involved by first names only. Now I have to get busy making record of the memories.

You did a grand job for us in every way, contributing to one of our best-ever adventures. Iona at HSBN is now fully aware of your services, and I'm about to write to Juanita at "Yucatan Today" with our satisfaction at her recommendation of "driver" William Lawson.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Convent Route Excursion

Today the happy couple from Tacoma wanted to tour Mayapan and the Convent Route, with a lunch at Mani as a prize for visiting all those churches!

This photo is from the impressive church in Tecoh.

The route we took today took us through Kanasin, past Acanceh, Tepich (the rabbit hacienda), Tecoh, Telchaquillo, Mayapan, Mama, Chumayel and finally to Mani, where Poc Chuc and Queso Relleno were had at El Principe Tutul Xiu restaurant where they have those fabulous home-made tortillas!

See all the photos on FaceBook!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yet Another Superb Sotuta de Peon Visit

photos (top to bottom) Jorge, our guide and the internationally famous Don Antonio welcoming everyone to his palapa; a mule and biodegradable sisal waste; Jorge, an excellent and enthusiastic tour guide; swimming in the cenote at the end of the tour.

More Guest Comments...

we sure appreciate what you did for us. i dont know if i was ever more pleased to see anyone as i was you last wednesday evening. thanks again for making our stay in mexico so pleasant.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dzibilchaltun, then off to the CAME bus terminal...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Michael and Fran to Dzibilchaltun; Michael, an avid bird fan, was happy to have spotted the orange and black Yuya (an oriole it turns out, the Yucatecan woodpecker which his book indicates is not the one we saw, and of course the Kau aka grackle among others. He and Fran enjoyed the Mayan site and found it much more extensive and well preserved or restored than they had imagined it.

I did notice that the level of water in the cenote Xlakah was a lot lower than on previous visits I had made and the museum was in quite a state of disrepair, which I will write about on the regular NotTheNews blog. Seems a shame to have it so run-down at any time of the year, but now, with cruise ships and tourists from North America visiting the Yucatan, even more so.

Also, I am very proud of the photo (above) I took with my not-so-great iPhone camera.

After dropping Michael and Fran and their lodgings at the San Pedro Noh Pat Hacienda, near Kanasin, I headed downtown to the CAME bus terminal where some folks from North Carolina and Ontario/Florida were anxiously waiting to see if I had received their email from Cancun saying they would arrive at 6:00 PM. I did and surprised them there by standing next to them and striking up a conversation about how I suspected they were there waiting for someone to take them to the beach. They were more than a little suspicious until they figured out I was their ride and off we went to the end of the road, Chuburná beach, where they were staying with family at a snowbird rental.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guest Comments from the Texada Islanders

I would like to express my absolute satisfaction with Bill Lawson`s Driving.First off our flight was delayed into Cancun by 2 hours- he was waiting patiently for us when we finally landed! No problemo! We drove the 4.5 hours to Progreso(enjoying cold beer compliments of Bill as well) stopping for the most awesome Yucatan Tacos and Tamales along the way. Our family then hired Bill on 4 more occasions for transportation during our two week stay.We were NOT dissapointed! He has an incredible knowledge of the Yucatan area and was more than willing to answer our many endless questions. Bill is very personable and once he learned of my love of cooking Mexican food we had many chats regarding the region`s unique foods and he even found me a true Yucatan cookbook to bring home. Now that is certainly above and beyond the call of duty!! Our day trip to the unusual cenotes of Chihuan, Xtogil and Laguna was truly amazing- off the beaten path and SO worth doing( not to mention the road side stop for real authentic BBQ chicken and ribs) Driving, dining and conversing with him truly made our vacation extra special. I highly recommend his services to any one wanting to experience the true feel of the Yucatan while enjoying the ride!
Wendy Zant
Texada Is. B.C.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cenotes Chihuan and Xtojil

Texada Islander Adventures in the Yucatan

The entrance to the Chihuan cenote

I want to thank my friends from Texada Island who I had the opportunity to drive here and there, not only from the Cancun airport to their rental in Chicxulub, but also to some great out of the way cenotes. It was great to see them enjoy their Yucatecan food so enthusiastically - we ate at Doña Tere's on the Merida-Cancun highway 4 times, each time adding yet another Yucatecan tidbit. Their favourite: relleno negro!

The laguna, near Libre Union, which is actually a cenote fed by an underground spring in it's center