Friday, December 11, 2009

Cancun Airport Pickups - Why Me?

So, you ask, what's so great about this personal driver picking you up at Cancun's airport? Here's a few reasons:
  • Your plane is delayed and you arrive late at Cancun - I wait
  • You are bringing pets and you can't leave the airport until a vet is called in from Cancun to spray the animalitos and only then are you allowed to leave, delaying your arrival for 1-2 hours - I wait
  • You miss your plane and arrive on an entire different airline altogether, at a different time - I wait
  • You bring a mountain of luggage - you don't have to fight with it, with porters, with bus drivers, with connecting shuttles, with taxi drivers and small vehicles
  • You go to buy a beer while I take the luggage and airport porter to the vehicle and tip him
  • You relax while I drive
  • We stop for real Yucatecan tacos which you would probably never try
  • You pick my brain on everything Yucatan, and I understand your questions, as I can relate to what you are asking, as well as present you with the Yucatecan side of things, which I 'get'
  • You arrive in Merida safe and sound, and happy, having had a great welcome to the country
So it's not about transportation. If you want to get cheap transportation, take the bus. And it's not about a ride in and of itself. If that was the case, a taxi would do.

No, this is about making you feel welcome, understanding your 'foreign' point of view and explaining to you the Yucatecan mindset.