Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Canadians in Cancun

It seems that many are the Canadians that prefer to fly into Cancun instead of Merida; practically all my guests this December have used the WestJet direct flights into Cancun from frosty Ottawa, freezing Edmonton and chilly Victoria. Another thing they all have in common: their flights are all delayed!

Thanks to Wendy, Ryan, Vikki and Sonia for choosing to travel with me! I trust everyone enjoyed their Yucatecan tacos and that their tummies survived that foray into the wonders of Yucatan gastronomy.

Happy holidays to all!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cancun Airport Pickups - Why Me?

So, you ask, what's so great about this personal driver picking you up at Cancun's airport? Here's a few reasons:
  • Your plane is delayed and you arrive late at Cancun - I wait
  • You are bringing pets and you can't leave the airport until a vet is called in from Cancun to spray the animalitos and only then are you allowed to leave, delaying your arrival for 1-2 hours - I wait
  • You miss your plane and arrive on an entire different airline altogether, at a different time - I wait
  • You bring a mountain of luggage - you don't have to fight with it, with porters, with bus drivers, with connecting shuttles, with taxi drivers and small vehicles
  • You go to buy a beer while I take the luggage and airport porter to the vehicle and tip him
  • You relax while I drive
  • We stop for real Yucatecan tacos which you would probably never try
  • You pick my brain on everything Yucatan, and I understand your questions, as I can relate to what you are asking, as well as present you with the Yucatecan side of things, which I 'get'
  • You arrive in Merida safe and sound, and happy, having had a great welcome to the country
So it's not about transportation. If you want to get cheap transportation, take the bus. And it's not about a ride in and of itself. If that was the case, a taxi would do.

No, this is about making you feel welcome, understanding your 'foreign' point of view and explaining to you the Yucatecan mindset.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Italian Coffee - Merida-Cancun Toll Highway

A new Italian Coffee kick the 'isla de servicio's offerings up a notch!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Cancun!

December is finally here and bookings for my fabulous :) driving services are on the rise this year! I have bookings for December 9 and 10th as well as the 26th now confirmed, along with several tentative bookings. All Cancun airport pickups and all Canadians! January is looking to be a really busy time with folks coming in from Canada, USA and Austria. That's Austria, not Australia, for those kangaroo lovers out there.

In a funny twist, Vikki, who booked through my Craigslist ad, arrives on the 9th and it turns out she actually lived in the same little pueblito I did in Canada! Knows the family and everything. How weird is that? Well, I thought it was completely crazy.

Happy December, everyone!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hunter, Pig, Xcanatun

During a brief tour by the nice folks at the reception of the Xcanatun Hacienda, there was this little pig foot stool in the lobby that Hunter really wanted to sit on. So he did. And here's the proof.