Sunday, November 8, 2009

Debbie Has a Cell Phone!

Debbie has arrived and is the happy user of the latest Lawson invention - a local cell phone rental! Don't you wish you had one? No roaming charges, pre-loaded with as much credit as you want, and cheap!

(phone may not be this model, but it will be a Nokia)

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  1. Debbie has left Merida after happily using the Lawson cell phone. It worked perfectly and everything went off without a hitch. We were able to obtain the number prior to arrival to give to friends and family, and Bill answered all my nagging questions both prior to and during the trip. He was an excellent source of information to a novice traveler in Mexico. He delivered the phone on the night of our arrival (and patiently waited a full hour as we were late) and picked it up when we were ready to leave. I cannot recommend him highly enough, he knows the language and having lived in Merida for 20 years is very familiar with the area. And, to boot, he is a super nice guy! Check out his driving service too! Thanks Bill, we will be calling you again on our next "adventura" to Merida!!!!


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