Monday, November 30, 2009

All Day Tour w the Richards

Lawsons' Personal Driving Service is touring today with the Richards family! First stop: Chicxulub Puerto.

Visiting at the Benito Juarez elementary school through the Chicxulub Food Bank program, run by Sharon, an organization that sponsors needy children and their families. Donations needed and welcome!

Contact me for details if you can help.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guest Comments on TripAdvisor

My dear Brits, who I drove here and there while enjoying enormously that unique, razor sharp wit only found in those steeped in Shakespeare, Monty Python and British cuisine, commented on TripAdvisor the following:

4. We then flew to Merida where we were met by Bill Lawson (found via this forum!). Bill drove us to Uxmal. Initially I had swithered whether to include a visit to Uxmal on our trip but am very pleased we did. Fabulous site. We got there around 1.30pm and practically had the place to ourselves. We used an official guide which I would highly recommend as we got a lot more info about the site than if we had just wandered around with a guide book. Got great photos and had a wonderful time here. Bill then drove us on to our hotel. We had planned the following day as a chill-out day and we really needed it by then. Well worth having a day to not do any sightseeing as it gives you time to reflect on what you have seen and to just generally relax.

5. Bill picked us up the next morning and drove us to Chichen Itza. Again we used an official guide which we thought was worth it. We arrived around 1.30pm and although the site was quite busy that wasn't a problem for us. By the time we were leaving most of the tour groups had already drifted off. We didn't find the stall holders hassled us or were annoying. It was easy to browse and not buy. No pressure from anyone. We then walked to Hacienda Chichen where we were staying overnight.

6. Following morning, Bill picked us up and drove us to Cancun airport. He didn't just drop us there but took us into the airport and even managed to get us to the front of the queue (know it was probably a fluke Bill but we were impressed!).

7. With regard to Bill - I probably am not allowed to give a plug on this website - but I will anyway! It was great to be able to do this part of our holiday without having to drive - and instead having someone reliable, knowledgeable and friendly to drive us around. He also keeps beer/water nicely chilled for thirsty passengers! I genuinely can highly recommend him if you are in our position and want to get around the Merida area and don't want to drive.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Debbie Has a Cell Phone!

Debbie has arrived and is the happy user of the latest Lawson invention - a local cell phone rental! Don't you wish you had one? No roaming charges, pre-loaded with as much credit as you want, and cheap!

(phone may not be this model, but it will be a Nokia)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back at the Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza

Dawn and Paul spent some time at this hotel, which meant I was able to enjoy another fine espresso on their front 'porch'. Just look at all that jungle vegetation!