Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uxmal Closed in Celebration of Swine Flu

When Lawson and the JF Crew arrived at Uxmal, bright and early to escape the heat, we were met by the sight of some tourists from Holland or thereabouts waving their fingers in a 'no' fashion and a guard at the parking lot entrance who informed us that indeed, the ruins were closed until further notice due to the swine flu scare. How walking about an open site like Uxmal could cause a health risk is beyond me, but nevertheless, alternative plans had to be made.

It was decided that we meander on through the Ruta Puuc where we could see Santa Elena and also some Mayan ruins from the side of the highway.

At each of the stops including Uxmal itself, we had busses full of frustrated tourists pull in as well. How it can be safer in a bus full of humans than outside on a Mayan archeological site I don't understand.

At Santa Elena, we visited the church and then the charming Pickled Onion restaurant, run by a lovely lady from Ontario with whom we chatted briefly. We also enjoyed fresh juices and some guacamole while deciding on whether or not to continue on to Campeche.

Once that was decided, the LawsonMobile headed towards our neighbor state, along the back roads past forest fires, fields of crops, a soldiers checkpoint and a fabulous fruit stand.

In Campeche, a stroll around the downtown area and dinner at La Pigua before heading back to Merida!

This was a great, exhausting and very long but productive day!

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