Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chichen Itzá - Ek Balam - Valladolid

Some photos from the Chichen Itzá - Ek Balam - Valladolid (and on to Mérida) day trip.

scrambled eggs and longaniza breakfast at a little restaurant at the entrance to Chichen Itzá

colorful interior of the restaurant

sign at the Xtepen or Dzitnup cenote, outside Valladolid

pay careful attention to the instructions regarding video cameras

See ALL the photos here!


  1. Hello Mr. Lawson,

    My fiance and me are coming to Merida the 1st couple of weeks of June to look for a house and put our feet up and explore the area further. We were in Merida last year for over 2 seeks, fell in love with the place and its people and have been stalking houses ever since. We're miserably cold Bostonians btw.
    On that note, would you be available for at least a full day to take us off the beaten path and let us pick your brain dry?
    Thanks so much!
    Brandon and Kristine

  2. Hi - I've sent you an email! Cheers



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