Monday, January 5, 2009

Celestun Day Trip

Finally, after much planning, a cruise ship pick up that worked! It almost didn't, what with fog and a sick passenger that had to be airlifted off the ship which delayed the cruise ships arrival at Progreso's harbor this morning.

The happy family of four was whisked off in the latest temporary Lawson Mobile; the vehicle of the day was a 4 door Impala so there was plenty of room for everyone! A full two hours later, after much conversation, an army checkpoint, several villages, some slow moving traffic and a 5 peso bag of juicy mandarin oranges along with worries from one family member about whether we would make it back to the ship in time for it's departure, we arrived safely in the parking lot ready to take that much awaited bird watching tour.

Two options were available; time constraints and a helpful fellow tourist's comments convinced us to take the one hour tour as opposed to the two hour version which promised a diversion into the 'petrified' forest which is really a bunch of dead trees, nothing more, nothing less.

crappy cell phone photo!

The bird watching was fantastic, in spite of what I had thought regarding the availability of flamingos at this time of the year, there were quite a few hundred of them out there today, along with egrets both great and small, herons of all colors and stripes, pelicans and there was a swim in a natural spring.

The weather was fantastic and cooperated all day with sunshine, white puffy clouds and everyone was in a good mood.

The trip back featured a stop with photos at a tortilleria which was a hit and the half kilo we ended up buying was lunch since we were on a tight schedule and besides, endless buffets awaited the cruiseship passengers once they got back to Progreso!

For some reason on the return trip we ended up in Uman not Caucel which afforded us the opportunity to see the giant church that Uman is famous for with it's Moorish dome and Gothic entrance.

Finally, arrival at Progreso once again, with time to spare for a quick look around before heading back out onto the ship.

Thank you guys, it was a great day!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it and got to experience a tiny little bit of all the good stuff the real Yucatan has to offer!

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