Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Barrie Connection

Thank you to the Johnstons from Barrie for picking Lawson to drive them from the bus station to their beach house and back again, albeit early. Hopefully all is well back in Ontario and next time you come down, you'll have more time to explore all the interesting things there are to see in the Yucatan!


  1. Hello there,

    I was wondering if you might be available for the day of April 10th.
    My wife & I are seriously considering the Carnival Valor cruise that includes a stop in Progreso. We hope that we can coordinate this stop with your schedule so that we can visit Merida. We have to make a decision rather quickly so if you could respond as soon as you read this email, it would be greatly appreciated. We want to get a sense of the day to day life in Merida. From reading your blog I would value your input.

  2. Hola! I see no schedule conflicts at this time for April 10th. Come on down!

    Feel free to email me at in order to communicate more quickly.


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