Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yet another use for Mr. Lawson

There are so many ways one could use and abuse Mr. Lawson.

Visiting Merida House Rentals - Why, you could spend a leisurely morning perusing rental ads in the local paper, while sipping your fresh squeezed orange juice at your charming B&B and then spend an afternoon actually visiting the places you picked out, wherever they may be, along with your private, personal and highly opinionated driver.

A Seaside Lunch - Perhaps you have a hankering for halibut? That would be too bad because we don't actually get much halibut around these parts. But in the nearby Port of Progreso, there is an ample selection of seafood places at which to try some of the more local variety of fish. How about a boquinete or mero, cleaned and then deep fried whole, served on a plate crunchy tail and all for your finger licking enjoyment? It's like eating highly addictive southern fried chicken complete with greasy hands (sans slaw) and all. Your personal driver can make that happen without any complications to do with language, scheduling of buses and so on. The only thing you have to do is let me know and wash your hands thoroughly after lunch since we don't want the Yellow Car smelling fishy now do we?