Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Possible Uses for Mr. Lawson

The Panucho Craving - Let's say you are installed in your rental home, condo or hotel. You have a hankering to head out to Kanasin, on the outskirts of Merida, to enjoy Merida's arguably best panuchos, salbutes and caldos especiales. You could take a cab, you could rent a car (not really spur of the moment) or you could take a bus (naah). Instead you book Mr. Lawson and arrange for him to pick you up at your doorstep, get into the yellow car, and head off through Merida until you reach your destination. During dinner you can pick my brain or not, as you wish. I can wait for you too. After dinner, you are whisked back to your accommodation as quickly or as slowly as you want, depending on which detours and or sights you might want to pass by on the way.

Boy's Night Out - a designated driver who not only speaks the lingo, has no ulterior motive and will also help you negotiate the intricacies of tipping in Merida's nightclubs. Not for the faint-hearted but always fun.

Golf Club Checkout - let's say you wanted to see both of Merida's glof clubs. Maybe even check out the third one that is possibly already underway. No problem. A half day outing to the clubs to see what they charge, what their facilities are really like and what the course has to offer. Door to door comfort.

more later...

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