Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Uses for Bill Lawson

Airport Arrival, Rental Beach Home Provisioning and Rental Home Introductions - You arrive at the airport, are immediately assaulted by the humidity and warmth of the Yucatan, along with Yours Truly with a hand-painted sign with your name on it. We load you and your luggage into the Yellow Car and head off to your paradisaical beachfront rental, stopping at Sam´s, Costco or Aurrera to shop for essentials like tequila and chips. I tell you which ones are the best chips and which tequila will go down smoothest. After negotiating the cash registers with your debit card, we head out to the beach house and meet with the gardener/caretaker who speaks no English and make the introductions. Sometimes the owner is even there and everything is clarified with me in your corner. Then I leave you, with or without a Lawson Brick, an ancient but useful pre-paid cell phone since there are no phones at the beach and your roaming charges can be killer, with which you can either call me or whomever, whenever the mood strikes to go somewhere. How exciting is that?!

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