Friday, January 4, 2008

Uxmal / LolTun Caves Day Trip

The Manhattan group also wanted to visited some ruins and rightly decided that Chichen was far too overrun with tourists to be enjoyable; we opted instead for Uxmal followed by a trip a little further along through the Puuc route, to Loltun Caves.

A 7 AM pickup at the hotel, a cooler with water, soda and cookies for snacking and we were off, arriving in Uxmal just before 9 AM to enjoy a couple of hours tramping around the ruins before the morning dew completely evaporated and it became too hot. The tourists, Italians and Spaniards in large groups with matching travel bags milling around the espresso cart at the entrance, were assembling en masse around 11 AM but we had finished by that time.

We then broke for a rather mediocre lunch at the (former?) Club Med Archaeological Villas and then continued along the Puuc Route to LolTun. Where we arrived just in time to wait about 45 minutes for the 1 PM tour to begin. After the hour long underground visit to the cave, we were back on the road towards Merida, with only a stop in Mani to look at the convent where that fine fellow Friar Diego De Landa burned all the Mayan documents he could get his hands on, thereby singlehandedly destroying about 95% of the written history of the original inhabitants of the Yucatan.

We were back in the hotel at 5 PM, making this a full day trip.

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